HOP Logistics

Freight Services

 We take pride in offering exceptional service to our customers. With a focus on reliability, efficiency, and personalized solutions, we provide a comprehensive range of freight services to meet your logistics needs.

Full Truckload

  • A partnership of career logistics leaders tailoring solutions increase reliability and drive cost out of our customer’s supply chain.
  • More than a pool of carriers, HOP provides strategic capacity via a network of known providers at the lowest cost and the highest levels of service.
  • As your trusted logistics partner, HOP works closely with shippers and carriers to be on-trend, and aware of your evolving goals and needs.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

LTL Shipping Services:

HOP works with shippers who leverage traditional, volume,
and expedited LTL carriers in several impactful ways.

  • LTL RFQ management
  • FABP
  • Spend performance by part number, SKU, per pallet, pound, etc.
  • Contract consultation and negotiation.
  • 3PL and brokerage services.

Traditional LTL:

With Traditional LTL shipping, you can pay solely for the required space, enabling you to manage your expenses without sacrificing speed.


If your shipment contains an excessive number of pallets that surpass the capacity of Traditional LTL, you can inquire about our Volume LTL Shipping with our experts.


 Our LTL expedited solution can help you meet tight deadlines when your shipment is time-sensitive.


  • Flatbed shipping is all about partnerships and understanding the equipment and freight.
  • HUB offers a single contact who will have the capacity, and equipment to cover surge and planned flatbed freight with vetted, high quality contract carriers.
  • We understand the nuances of flatbed transport industries, accessories, and equipment.

Dedicated Fleet

  • Improved cost savings by optimizing routes, reducing fuel costs, and minimizing idle time.
  • Improve supply chain efficiency by ensuring timely deliveries, reducing transit times, and minimizing disruptions. This means companies can improve their overall operational efficiency, reduce inventory carrying costs, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Customized Solutions: We can customize the solution to meet the specific needs of each customer. This means that companies can tailor their transportation solutions to fit their unique business requirements, whether that involves special handling, equipment, or scheduling.

Heavy Haul Project Management

  • After dedicating years to extensive outreach across the industry, it’s not surprising that clients choose us as their preferred provider for heavy machinery transport. Our heavy haul trucking services are excellently suited to transport heavy, large, and oversized loads.
  • Our experts understand all of the aspects including equipment and carrier selection, rigging, route planning, permits, escorts, insurance.

Parcel Solutions

  • Today’s customers have elevated expectations for service quality, pricing, transparency, and technological capabilities within the parcel industry.
  • Maximize your parcel supply chain by leveraging our collaboration with the top providers, providing a wholesome experience with our expertise.
  • By analyzing your methods, operational processes, and agreements with carriers, we can assist in identifying opportunities for cost savings.

Multi-Modal Brokerage Services

  • Our full-service multimodal brokerage solutions can navigate through the most demanding shipping scenarios, ensuring that your freight reaches its destination smoothly. We offer you the flexibility to choose between transactional or contractual brokerage based on your specific requirements.
  • Our comprehensive multimodal capacity and extensive North American Partner Carrier Network enable us to address any shipping need and transport your goods to any location.
  • Thanks to our substantial purchasing power, our extensive multimodal transportation network offers access to exclusive capacity.
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